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April 6

Apr 06, 2024, 5:00 PM

ARTist Lineup


makenna Marcus

Julia Balser

Kimberlee Joy

Holly Henke



About the Artists

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ELLIANDRA is an Indiana singer/songwriter who writes through the lens of both romanticism and reality. With influences from R&B, indie, singer-songwriter, and pop, she infuses captivating melodies with mellow lyrics. Her aesthetic is evident in her sound––like a crisp, autumn afternoon in a coffee shop with your love.

MAKENNA MARCUS is a blind pop/rock artist from Indiana. She has been blind for eleven years due to an eye disease, but she doesn't let it stop her from playing music and performing. Makenna creates a unique sound that captivates her audience, with her biggest inspirations being Queen and The Beatles.

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JULIA BALSER, a once-shy child who now enjoys performing, is an indie-pop artist with a passion for songwriting. While pursuing her music business degree, Julia slowly developed a love and appreciation for vocal performance and audio production. Through songwriting collaborations and solo work, Julia strives to convey personal stories and make the world a less lonely place, one song at a time.


KIMBERLEE JOY is a Contemporary Christian Music artist writing raw and from-the-heart music, always keeping central her deeper purpose––to draw closer to God. She has been writing since her early teens growing up in northern Michigan, always being inspired by stories and people. Kimberlee Joy communicates her love for God and mysteries of faith in her songwriting in a storytelling folk/soul pop sound that's both vulnerable and strong.

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HOLLY HENKE is a pop singer/songwriter and second-year Somnium artist based in Indiana. From a young age, the art of songwriting captured Holly’s heart, and she has loved getting to learn more as a songwriting student at Anderson University. Growing up with worship, pop music, and musical theatre influences, Holly has developed a unique sound that pulls from those different genres. Raw honesty is what drives the message of her music and captivates the attention of her listeners.

THAN is a blues-rock artist and second-year Somnium artist from Greenville, Illinois. He breaks the conventions between genres, dipping into funk, pop, blues, and more. Utilizing his blend of powerful and crooning vocals, soulful sonic complexity, and his trusty ‘91 Fender Stratocaster, Than revives and revamps the sound of eras gone by. 

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Meet the Team

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Lead Producer

Junior at Anderson University

Music Business & Spanish Major


Music Director

Anderson University Alum

Former Somnium Artist

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Tech Director

Sophomore at Anderson University

Computer Science Major


Marketing Director

Senior at Anderson University

Marketing Major



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